How CA helps you to come out of inferiority complex

To every individual, the most important thing in life is the bond between parents, friends and other special people in life. Sometimes to maintain this bond forever, we all go overboard and try to act perfect in front of our loved ones. As and when time flies, to maintain this bond, we even try to compare ourselves with others. This comparison does harm to us, than any good .This doesn’t mean we have to stop looking up to others .But there are certain differences between gaining knowledge from others and comparing ourselves with the people out there.

This comparison is the main and evil cause of inferiority complex. This often happened to me. Maybe that was because I was a shy natured girl, an introvert who often used to compare herself with the other girls, in many ways. Ex: I always felt most of the girls in college were more fashionable than I. At times I felt very low and lonely even though I wasn’t alone.

As time passed and as I made up my mind to become a CA, I eventually joined CA-CPT classes at Samvit academy. In Samvit academy, my teachers were very supportive and very understanding, especially my economics teacher. She helped me a lot to overcome my inferiority complex. I was very lucky as I had all the support I ever wanted, today I’ve overcome my inferiority complex. I don’t compare myself to others when it comes to attire, performance in exams or faring in extracurricular activities. I’ve also understood the simple truth of life, “beauty lies in simplicity”. It also does not matter as to what people think as they see they want to see it.

To be honest, Samvit academy changed my personality. At Samvit, I found myself. When I first joined  CA classes, I was a silent girl who hesitated a lot, before speaking to people. I was scared as to how they would react if I wanted to be their friend. But as time passed, I experienced and understood new things which were the source of self confidence in me. For instance, in our law classes we often had quizzes and other practical-oriented activities which required us to interact amongst ourselves and with the trainers. Slowly I gathered some courage as far as public speaking was concerned which definitely increased my level of confidence. It wasn’t difficult for me to state my opinion in class. I had also started clarifying my doubts in the middle of an entire class. It did not bother me if I was asking an inappropriate question. Slowly I began making new friends.

The Chartered Accountancy course has an edge over other courses. I developed a very strong sense of belonging towards this course. One day when I woke up and looked myself in the mirror, I was very proud of the fact that I was doing CA. I said to myself, “I’m a CA student.” That was the last straw and end of my inferiority complex.

Today, I have successfully gotten rid of the three attributes which are the key to self destruction- inferiority complex, comparisons and low self confidence.


Rachana Amladi

(Samvit Academy)


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