Best of both worlds – Science Vs Commerce

Science: a systematic knowledge-base or prescriptive practice that is capable of resulting in a prediction or predictable type of outcome. Science is a continuing effort to discover and increase human knowledge and understanding through disciplined research. The methods of scientific research include the generation of hypothesis about how phenomena work, and experimentation that tests the hypothesis under controlled conditions. The results of this process enable better understanding of past events, and better ability to predict future events of the same kind as those that have been tested.

Science isn’t a subject that you just learn in school buddy! Science is LIFE! Everything about you, your friends, family, this planet is science! DO you have a pet? Your pet is made up of atoms, element, DNA, proteins. Gosh! Your pet is science hehehe. Sounds silly? Science looks at the really little things like atoms and DNA but it also focuses on big things like diseases, food, global warming. When you learn science, it is really learning about everyday life in wonderful detail.

Commerce is a branch of business. It is concerned with the exchange of goods and services. It includes all those activities, which directly or indirectly facilitate that exchange.

Commerce looks after the distribution aspect of the business. Whatever is produced it must be consumed, to facilitate this consumption there must be a proper distribution channel. Here comes the need for commerce which is concerned with the smooth buying and selling of goods and services.

  • Commerce tries to satisfy increasing human wants
  • Commerce helps to increase our standard of living
  • Commerce links producers and consumers
  • Commerce generates employment opportunities
  • Commerce helps in expansion of aids to trade
  • Commerce helps in growth of industrial development
  • Commerce encourages international trade
  • Commerce benefits underdeveloped countries
  • Commerce helps during emergencies

Commerce is the reality of life.

Science or Commerce?

A pressing concern faced by most students as they pass out of the tenth standard is, what steam to choose that will enable them to pursue a career of their choice and a stream that will be in synchronicity with their aptitudes.

While arriving at a conclusion over what stream to choose, students are faced with dilemmas regarding what stream is better than the other, what stream will be easier to pursue and score in, what stream would enable them to achieve their dreams and aspirations, what stream will allow them to have a profession that would give them monetary as well as job satisfaction, and similar doubts.

A simple answer to the above questions is that no stream, whether it is Science or Commerce, is better or worse than the other. Approaching this important decision with these questions in mind is wrong and more often than not, a student would end up choosing the wrong stream for themselves.

Well the answer to this question lies within you, in your personal interest, your understanding of the subject and your ability to convert your understanding, knowledge and skill to future financial benefits

My story!

From time immemorial, I had always wanted to become a surgeon. Science and math always fascinated me. How? Why? What?, have been my favorite questions, so I went on and took science in pre- university and wrote all the possible pre-medical entrance exams. After all the hustle I was curious as how my life would be ten years from now, having finished studying MBBS and MD. So I researched, spoke to a lot of doctors and met a lot of medical students, heard their experiences and shockingly I did not like what I heard. It was totally a different world out there, contradicting whatever I had dreamed of and wanted to become. So here I was heartbroken, confused, standing at the end of the tunnel with no light to guide me.

I knew that I needed to do something. I was eager to study and I was ready to work hard for a better future. But the question was “what next?”. So I went back again to my trusted friend for help- ‘The Internet’ and researched, spoke to family and friends, asked my seniors at college for advice and I knew that I wanted to do something worthwhile, challenging, respectable, financially rewarding, not so time consuming and most importantly something that would bring out my strengths, show my potential and more so, something interesting. In this process I figured that I was good at thinking logically. I’m practical, I could work under pressure and I realized that life was all about numbers from your age to your paycheck, to your marks in school to the days of the week, to time, to every little thing. Look around you! You’ll realize everything can be summed up to numbers.  So here was my very own “eureka” moment.

I found the answer I was seeking. And the answer was “CA”, yes! The Chartered Accountancy Course which is highly challenging, something very new and highly rewarding. I was scared yes, very scared at the beginning. Would the shift from science to commerce be easy? Will I understand the subjects since I did not know the basics? What if I fail? Taunting questions, I must say. If it wasn’t for my mother I would have drowned in those sea of questions, but she helped me sail through it. So the decision was made. It was going to be a “CA”. So I enrolled with Samvit academy for CA coaching and IGNOU for B.Com. The journey had begun! I must say it has been a beautiful one so far because of wonderful and supportive trainers, an understanding family and helpful friends.

I had gained logical reasoning and systematic thinking from ‘science’ and the art to apply knowledge to solving everyday life problems and my love for numbers from ‘commerce’.

Truly, “Best of both worlds”.


Nathel Sunandini

(Samvit Academy)


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