CA Pinnacle is changing the way you study for CA

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is a noble profession. Although there have been significant changes in the overall course (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) completed 65 years this year),  the basic structure of the course has remained largely unchanged. Today, ICAI has over 2 lakh members & more than 11 lakh students and is well on its way to set newer benchmarks while taking accountancy beyond professional footprints. Traditional teaching has contributed a lot to its success over the years.

Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Corporate Affairs (I/C), Shri Sachin Pilot said “The accounting profession has a long and distinguished history of guarding the integrity of company’s financial statements. They must live up to their history to remain inquisitive, sceptical and rigorous in their application of highest standards.”

We are now in 2014, the age of new technology. Every day, we see a new website or an app launching, such is the fast pace of today. In this day and age, where the traffic is as much as the grains of sand on a beach, traditional teaching has been slowly taking a back seat and technology has been playing a very important role in a student’s daily life.

CA Pinnacle has quite successfully bridged the gap between traditional teaching and technology based solutions and in a very short span of 1 year, has managed to make the lives of over 1,000 CA-CPT students easier. Our free app which can be downloaded here, is a game-changer in today’s fast paced world. With over 3,000 questions, each with a detailed solution, it has contributed immensely to the success of CA-CPT students across India. The Online Mock Exams are designed to prepare a student in the best way possible for the examination. Some papers are easy, some are moderately difficult, while some are very difficult. This simulates all possible examination scenarios for a student and therefore prepares him in a way which no text book does.

While some tests are free when a student signs up on, he/she may choose to upgrade and the prices of packages start from Rs 50 and go on till Rs 599, a very reasonable price for the value it adds.

Our first success was kicked off by Deepali Nayak, a CA-CPT student from Bangalore who secured 176/200 in the June 2014 CPT Examinations. Her marks reflect her level of preparation.

Deepali Result

When we asked her about her experience with CA Pinnacle, she said “All CPT students must practice using CA Pinnacle! The tricky questions really helped us to improve ourselves. We got to know which parts we were weak in and improved on that. Many questions of CA Pinnacle were repeated in the CPT exam, so i owe some of the marks to it.”

So, if you are preparing for CA-CPT June 2015, your buddy is there to help you cross the ocean and come out dry.


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